However, I had no clue how many steps it took to achieve one. The method and technique that works for one head may not work for someone else. Yes they do. Wash and go’s have been my go-to style since returning natural. There's relief and then there's Relieva ™. Reply. Wash n go’s don’t workout on my 4c natural hair. Yes, a wash-and-go can make it to day 5 without even looking like it. Recommended Wash ‘N Go Technique for Fine Natural Hair. I am 5 months natural and loving it. On a normal day where my objective is to preserve a twistout or a wash and go, I do an abbreviated version of the LOC Method: I mist with water. It’s the nature of natural hair. I have no problem with the extreme shrinkage because I love my coils. The steam from the shower usually brings my wash n go back to life. Refresh your wash n’ go, protective and low-manipulation styles with this product. haha! i have a SM Hood too, but i mostly use it as a hair band when i do a puff. - My wash n’ go looked brand new, like I just hopped out of the shower. Perhaps the most common of all … Dananana 6 years ago Reply to maiara Your shrinkage is beautiful, maiara. I mix it with water in a spray bottle about 50/50. REFRESH ® RELIEVA ™ family of lubricant eye drops relieves and protects dry, burning, irritated eyes. I rock wash and gos 90% of the time and about a month ago I started using Infusium 23 to refresh my hair. By day 3 it’s dry as hell. wash n go ain’t working for me, my 4b hair shrunks and frizzles a lot, the shrunkness wouldn’t be a problem if it a least looked cute, but it looks terible. — I love love LOVE doing this and will probably make this my norm for summer styling. I will rub the shea into my hand until it is melted and then kind pat it onto my hair. Rub a small amount of gel, Jennifer used La Bella Lots of Curls Gel, between hands and scrunch the product through your curls from the ends up to the roots. I'm just thinking this just looks like doing a wash n go with out getting in the shower. Product Information. -Glamfun. After a few days my curls can become very dry and undefined but I don’t always have the time to wash my hair or restyle it by twisting or braiding. Wash n Go’s are super easy, but refreshing your Wash n Go is even easier! NO products are required! I have not figured out how to not have to refresh a wash n go on short hair every morning. Usually, people who can make their wash n gos last for days have longer hair that can be pineappled in one or two pony tails. Reply. I started using lustrasilk a month ago and I'm brand new to the wash n go life. But with the weather getting colder here in New York, I want to avoid wetting her hair on a daily basis. Wash and Go for Low Porosity Hair. I’m trying to be good and add moisture to my WnG after a couple days. I thought it was as simple as putting water on my hair and then -boom- I’m done, but nope! How do I moisturize/refresh it. Super Defined Wash And Go Curls with Eco Styler Gel. A lot of those with curly hair will say they prefer “second-day hair” over a fresh wash-and-go because it already had time to settle in and acquire volume. you look good though, so it don’t matter, lip gloss poppin and all. It helps to keep my hair moisturized as well as keeping my tresses virtually tangle free. My hair is flattened when I sleep so there is no other way for me to refresh it other then wetting it in the morning. This is how I refresh my old wash and go’s! In this video I share how I refresh my wash ‘n go and get rid of mullet head: Every wash ‘n go comes out looking differently. Sistapopdemcurl Registered Users Posts: 225. I haven't used it with gel though hence my question. Step 1: I noticed a lot of tangles on wash … 3 Ways to Refresh Your Wash-and-Go Style Jan 1, 2019. All it takes is the proper care and nightly routine to make it possible. I am sure to put in hair dew first, water, and seal. As a solution I refresh my current wash and go to make it last until my next washday. Spray the mixture throughout the hair, scrunching with your fingers as you go. I seal with a bit of Cantu Gel Oil. Patented formulas feature HydroCell ™ technology which enables hydration and maintains the volume of cells on the ocular surface. Reply. Mastering the wash and go requires specific techniques and products that work best for your hair to deliver the desired look. No matter how I do my wash ‘n go, I have to… Read More »How I Refresh My Wash ‘n Go you are NOT perky in the morning, are you! January 26, 2014 at 20:38. Hair porosity, and texture also play a major part in how your wash and go will turn out. Depending on the product used, I get more or less shrinkage. Here is my method of refreshing my dry curls. Well, we’re here to debunk that myth and let you know that your 4C hair can thrive doing wash and gos … Just add water. TWA for me. Routine: On day 1 I shampooed with NYM purple shampoo and conditioned with Shea Moisture Make it last wash n go conditioner (this is for type 4 hair so I used it as more of a deep conditioner since it can be a little heavy for my wavy/curly hair - Didnt want it to go to waste and was pleasantly surprised I … This is what her hair looks like when she wakes up in the morning. January 26, 2014 at 21:15. When refreshing hair, it’s important to refresh … Wash n’ go’s are super low maintenance and easy ways to refresh your hair in between your washes when you’re super pressed for time.